Safety at Work

Harassment at Work

  • Follow the correct complaints procedure if you are being harassed by a work colleague or manager. This might involve talking to HR or a senior member of staff.
  • Keep a log of everything that happens, including the time, date, what happened and how it made you feel.
  • Keep any emails, texts, letters or gift the stalker sends you. If your property is defaced or they commit criminal damage, photographic evidence can also be useful.
  • Request that you limit the amount of time you have to spend with the harasser as much as possible, for example by moving to another department, if they are still attending work everyday.

Entering and Leaving Work

  • Ask a colleague or manager to escort your to or from your car when you arrive at and leave work.
  • If you usually walk, cycle or take public transport to work, ask a colleague or manager if you could get a lift from them.
  • If no lift is possible, arrange a ’buddy’ system with a family member or friend, where you agree to text them when leaving home or work and when arriving at your destination safely.

Raising Awareness at Work

  • Give a photo of your stalker to your manager and organisation’s security staff if you have one. You can also explain the situation to them if you feel comfortable doing so and ask them to stop the person entering the building.
  • Tell your manager about the emotional impact the stalking is having on your if you are worried it might affect your work – they might be able to offer you extra support or counselling.

Other Considerations

  • Conduct any meetings with new clients or those you haven’t met before in a public space or back in your office with colleagues around, especially if you are attending on your own.
  • Consider using a ‘buddy’ system for meetings you have to attend outside the building, where you text your buddy when leaving and then again when you have arrived safely.
  • Try to avoid lone working while the harassment is continuing.

For more information about harassment in the workplace, you can seek advice from ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) by visiting or calling 08457 47 47 47.

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