Malicious Electronic Communication

Unless you have technological expertise, knowing how to protect yourself whilst using the internet and knowing where to go if you receive malicious communication can be a daunting task.

Below you will find links that will take you to the website of Network for Surviving Stalking whose website contains a lot of information to help victims of e-crime and online incidents. Most of their guidance was written by cyberstalking expert Jennifer Perry who also runs the website e-victims, 

Online Dating Safety Tips

Warning Signs of  a Cyberstalker

What to Do if you are being Harassed or Stalked

Jennifer has also worked with Women’s Aid and Network for Suriving Stalking to create a comprehensive guide to protecting yourself when using the internet. The document is called ‘Digital Stalking: A guide to technology risks’ and can be download here

Collecting Evidence of online stalking

Make sure that you make a copy of any postings or IM chats by pressing the ” Alt” and “Prt Sc – SysRq” or “Printscreen” keys together, a windows PC will take a copy of what is on your screen. Open up a new document and paste the image in it, add the time and date of the incident and also make sure you inlcude the incident in your log.

Even though it is suggested that you make a copy, if it is possible to save the original message this can also be very helpful. Remember to back up any saved messages onto a memory stick, disc or CD.

If you are receiving unwanted e-mails keep a copy of the original e-mail and also make a hard copy or save it to your computer then back it up. Remember to always include the time and date of when the e-mail was sent and when you received it, add the details to your log.

Text Mesages

Generally the same principles apply to retaining text message and e-mail evidence. Try not to delete the text messages, save them to your phone in case a police officer needs to see them at a later date. You can also make a copy of the messages in your log writing what was said word for word, include the phone number the message was sent from aswell as the time and date.